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“When women succeed, everyone succeeds” - BMP Metals Inc. to Receive Women Entrepreneurship Funding

MP Sahota announces a federal investment in BMP Metals Inc. as part of the government’s initiative towards economic empowerment of women-led businesses through the “Women Entrepreneurship Strategy”.

Ms. Ruby Sahota, Member of Parliament for Brampton North, has announced that BMP Metals Inc. has been approved for an investment of up to $100,000, in support of this local, women led business. “The women entrepreneurs and business leaders of Brampton make incredible contributions to our economy and community every day,” said MP Sahota, as goals for the funding will implement a growth strategy to scale up the business and create jobs for the Brampton community.

(Pictured from left to right: Johanne Rappoccio, MP Ruby Sahota, Lori Holjevac, Robert Bedard)

The Government of Canada recognizes that fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace is integral to creating an economy that benefits everyone. The full and equal participation of women in the economy is essential to Canada's future competitiveness and prosperity.

Statistics show that only 16% of small to medium sized enterprises are majority women-owned, only 10% of high growth firms are owned by women and only 8% of women-owned businesses export. Through the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy and Fund, Canada aims to double the number of majority women-owned businesses by 2025 and add $150 billion in incremental GDP by 2026.

MP Sahota checking out the BMP facility

The objective of the fund is to provide support for women to grow their businesses and facilitate their pursuit of opportunities in markets abroad. “I’m proud to be a part of a Liberal government that takes women’s economic empowerment seriously” says MP Sahota, “from tackling pay equity to modernizing parental leave, this government is taking action on gender equality because when women succeed, we all succeed.”

BMP Metals has been and continues to be a proud supporter of diversity in the workplace. We are honoured to receive the recognition and support of the Federal Government and hope to inspire other businesses to follow suit.

Learn more about the government’s action here:


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